Adding Central A/C (Alternative Methods)

Just because your home may not fit the cookie cutter options that those with Duct Work have, you still do have ways to keep your home nice and cool through the summer. Some options even deliver more efficient heat in the winter too! On this page we will be looking at three options... Standard Air Handler, High Velocity Air Handler, and Mini-Split Systems. Each has their pros and cons, some may not work in your house, and others will.

As always if you are confused or need clarification, we are happy to run by options with you over the phone or in person. Visit our contact us page for details on how to get ahold of us.

Option 1: Standard Air Handler

This method would involve us adding duct work into your attic or in your basement, with registers going around in key areas to deliver cooling. We would have to set up a return air run (or multiple depending on sizes), and then the registers used around the house would be 6 x 10's or 6 x 12's. They look nice, but depending on your home design it may not be possible to do it this way due to tight fit situations.

Pros to this method

Cons to this method

Option 2: High Velocity Air Handler

This method is for homes where you want cooling but you don't want it to be visible and/or you are in a tight space. We place a high velocity air handler in your attic, and run small duct work runs (2" round) around to your rooms that you need cooling. We add very small registers in the ceiling of the rooms. The air handler is designed to operate under a high pressure to force air into all the rooms. The system operates relatively quiet and you typically hear just the sound of airflow.

Helpful Links: Spacepak, How it Works or Unico System, How it Works

Pros to this method

Cons to this method

Option 3: Mini-Split A/C(s)

This method utilizes specialty indoor and outdoor units to cool and heat your home. Each indoor unit is connected to an outdoor unit, and depending on the design we work out for you we can hook 3 up to 1 outdoor unit (and even more with special configuration). These models are incredibly efficient, walking circles around standard air conditioner's efficiency ratings. They also have the option to heat down to -15F out, with them being more efficient than your heat source currently. For more detail about what these do, you can visit our page of them here.

Pros to this method

Cons to this method

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