The UV light in general has been around for many years, being utilized primarily by Hospitals and Science Labs / Clean Rooms. The UVPhotoMAX from Ultravation takes this one step further. It uses two steps to kill and neutralize.

The Dual Band UV-C light kills:

The ReFresh module of the cleaner kills odors coming from:

Those two functions make this an unbeatable product. We have installed hundreds of these around the valley, and we have backed them with a 30-day money back guarantee that we can say proudly that less than 1% utilize. Your home's air will be cleaner, and you will be able to smell the difference. Throughout the year we have customers coming in to get a replacement bulb (replaced every 2 years), and they cannot say enough about it. We proudly operate two of these in our office and they really help us stay healthier, and keep the smell of the office neutral.

Installation Cost

Installed Price: $949 $849 (While we're there), otherwise $999 $899.
Bulb Cost: $129, bulb is included with unit. Replacement every two years. Bulb price subject to change.

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What to Expect


It is recommended that you have a high efficiency blower motor for best results with the UVPhotoMAX. While you can utilize it in a older PSC motor it is more costly to operate, and it doesn't have a slower circulate speed. Your furnace may be able to be upgraded to an Evergreen ECM motor. If you're not sure what type of motor you have, give us a call or email us with your furnace model number. We will check the part list and let you know.

Replacing the Bulb

Important Note: The UVPhotoMAX will trigger for UV Light replacement on a yearly basis. You can, however, replace it every 2 years. You can reset the chirping alarm by pressing the reset button which is set in on the power pack (meaning you cannot push it with your finger). Use a plastic piece to push in and reset it.

We can replace the bulb for you at the time of your tune-up. If you wish to replace the bulb yourself here are the steps.

  1. Unplug the power from the photomax. On the signature series model it is a standard molex plug like a computer accepts.
  2. You'll see there are 4 screws total holding the unit to the duct work, two of them will need to be removed, the top left and bottom right screw.
  3. With those two screws removed you should be able to slide off the power pack. If it doesn't slide off smoothly take your time and wiggle it off.
  4. Inside you will see the light bulb screwed in with two screws. Undo those two screws and slide the bulb out. Important: Be sure not to pull hard, the end plastic cap sometimes gets caught while sliding the bulb out, if it gets stuck wiggle the bulb to free it and then continue to slide out slowly.
  5. Replace with new bulb and be sure to line the screw holes up so the power pack will attach. Put in the two screws and do not overtighten.
  6. Slide on the power pack making sure to line up with the unit. Take your time and do not put too much pressure. You should feel the bulb and the power pack connect and slide in.
  7. Put the two screws back onto the cabinet and connect the power. If your diagnostic light is still red you can press the reset button on the unit for 10-15 seconds.

As always we offer phone support if you're running into problems. If you're a customer of ours give us a call and we will walk you though it and answer any questions you have.

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