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Christensen & Wisnet Inc (doing business as "The Good Guys Heating & Cooling") is proudly running on our own extensive software platforms, including ServiceDesk®, ServiceDesk Sales® and GoodGuysCMS®. Due to the complexity of our systems as well as uptime being critical, we have implemented a service monitoring page to check for any irregularities or outages. Our probes will check all key points of our servers and systems every 10 minutes. Outages will be displayed here (if/any). Our team will be alerted of outages as they occur.

Good Guys ServiceDesk®
ServiceDesk Web Platform OPERATIONAL (21ms)
ServiceDesk AI Decision Platform OPERATIONAL (20ms)
ServiceDesk External API Access OPERATIONAL (21ms)
ServiceDesk Mobile App Access OPERATIONAL (21ms)
ServiceDesk Install Calendar OPERATIONAL (17ms)
ServiceDesk CAM Bridge OPERATIONAL (21ms)
ServiceDesk GPS Bridge OPERATIONAL (21ms)
ServiceDesk Call Masking OPERATIONAL (21ms)
ServiceDesk Text Alerts OPERATIONAL (21ms)
ServiceDesk Texting (In/Outbound) OPERATIONAL (21ms)
Good Guys ServiceDesk® Sales CRM
ServiceDesk Sales Web Platform OPERATIONAL (21ms)
ServiceDesk Sales Mobile App Access OPERATIONAL (34ms)
Good Guys Website (GoodGuysCMS)
Good Guys CMS System OPERATIONAL (5ms)
Good Guys Cache System OPERATIONAL (5ms)
Good Guys "My Account" Access OPERATIONAL (26ms)
Good Guys Tune-Up Scheduler DB OPERATIONAL
Good Guys Service Call Form OPERATIONAL (5ms)
Good Guys Estimate Scheduling OPERATIONAL (26ms)
QuikReviews API Bridge OPERATIONAL
General Connectivity
Technician Email Access OPERATIONAL
Office Exchange Email Access OPERATIONAL
Datacenter Connectivity OPERATIONAL
Office Primary OPERATIONAL

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