Intro to Financing

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about financing. When we are talking about upgrading your Furnace or Air Conditioner, it is usually on unexpected terms. We have so much we have to worry about while owning a home, and it is hard to save for it. The great news is the makers of these appliances and products know this. We are so fortunate that the two main brands we sell for Heating & Cooling products, Amana and York, have partnered with very well established financing companies. They use their buying power and get rates down low to make your life and our lives easier.

As a contractor, we have picked out plans with each financial service to offer to you. We pick sensible options that keep interest rates low and your overall job cost as low as possible.

Why would I finance?

Most of the time we are dealing with unexpected failure of equipment. Heating & Cooling systems are an investment. Having that money ready to go right away can be tough. Financing a job allows you to work it all out and plan out the payment in a way that it can work with your cash flow. Between the two financing companies we work with, you can find something that makes sense for you.

Are there "Gotchas?"

That is a great question and there are important things everyone financing should know.

It is important to read what you're applying for, and the truth in lending act requires the companies to lay it out in a template that should disclose what their fees and rates are. Take your time, nobody should be rushing you through this!

Will this show up on my credit report?

When you apply for a line of credit it will register as a hard-inquiries as you are seeking a credit line. More information about a hard pull and general credit report questions can be answered on this page from Experian or Nerd Wallet. A hard inquiry will have a negative effect on your credit report, for a few months at least. They should fall off after 2 years.

What is the typical process for financing?

Usually customers who finance set up an estimate first. Our estimator will stop at the house, and their main goal is to get measurements so they offer the right sized equipment for your home. They will offer an quote for various equipment (with no pressure promise!). Look at the equipment and financing options available on the equipment. Once you know what you're interested in, you can talk to your estimator or go to our online application page for the financing option you want.

Amana Financing options with Greensky

York Financing options with Synchrony

I have questions, who do I talk to?

We are always here for you if you have questions. If you want to call our office 920-734-1436 during the day, our estimators Steve & Anthony can help you out, as well as Dan & Marc in our office. Just let the person who know answers the phone that you have questions on our financing and we will get you over to someone who works with financing.

You can also reach out to us via email, Unless emergency we typically do not respond outside of business hours, as we encourage our employees to have a healthy work/life balance.

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