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Honeywell Home from Resideo, 11 Merv Filtration. Great filtration, sturdy cabinet. Filter available at big box retailers. 6 Month filter life.

Honeywell F-100 Media Filter

The Good Guys have been installing the Honeywell F100 Media Air Cleaner as our only filtration option for over 30 years. Why?

Ultra Efficient Filters can be damaging.

One thing that is clear over our century of service is that the average homeowner does not maintain a good filter replacement schedule. When you buy a ultra efficient filter that "captures everything" you also open yourself up to a filter that does not always last as long and can plug up quicker. Some of these filters can also starve your furnace of air.

The Honeywell F100 Filter is 11 MERV rating which is a great balance of capturing lint, dust, pollen, dust mites, mold spores, and auto combustion fumes. The highest MERV filtration we personally recommend is MERV 13.

What happens if my filter gets plugged?

Your furnace is a smart, but delicate system. Every component is working in harmony to transfer heat into your home but staying within certain temperature limits. When your filter starts plugging up your blower has to work harder to push air. It can do this however long term it wears the motor out. Much like if you're trying to tow something in a car beyond the tow limit. It will work, but it's not designed for it. Restricted airflow also causes the heat exchanger to get hotter than normal, along with the inducer motor, and collector box (which is typically plastic).

These components are relatively tough, but if the air struggle continues for years, you are shortening the effective life of those parts, costing you more money. If you're curious how much restriction your system has, ask us at a tune-up to tell you the "static pressure". This is much like a blood pressure. Duct work has restriction to pass air through it. Our meters can help figure it out.

Included with Furnaces

We want you to protect your furnace. Included with all furnaces, you can get a Honeywell F-100 Filter Rack installed at no cost. Normally a $895 value (most cost is due to us having to rebuild the duct work going to your furnace to fit it - which we already have to do as part of a furnace installation). If you have a system like a Spacegard, Airbear, or existing Honeywell filter box, there is no need to switch it to the F-100 rack if you don't want it. There is however, no cash value back for not swapping.

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