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Pictured here is Earl Christensen and Joe Wisnet Sr. at our original office location at 702 S Outagamie St Appleton, WI. We moved in 2006 to 4450 W Greenville Drive. Also pictured is our Oil Trucks.

About The Good Guys

The Good Guys Heating & Cooling (formerly known as Christensen & Wisnet Heating & Cooling) is a family owned and operated business serving the Fox Valley and surrounding areas since 1966. Our Christensen family has been in the trade for a century. We are a proud 5th generation family business and have earned our reputation over the years as "The Good Guys", using it as a slogan since the early 2000's and making it part of our business name in 2020.

We were founded by Earl Christensen and Joseph Wisnet Senior in 1966. Those who grew up in the Fox Valley will remember our days as an Oil Company. We delivered oil for many years to customers in the area with Oil Furnaces and Oil Boilers along with the service, sales, and installation of HVAC equipment. In the 90's we shifted priorities to being 100% into heating and cooling sales, service, and installation. Trading our Oil division for US Oil's Heating & Cooling company around 2000.

Christensen & Wisnet shifted when Joe Wisnet Senior had unexpectedly passed away. His son Joe took over and ran the business with Earl. A few years later, Earl sold his half to his son, John. John & Joe ran everything up until the end of 2019. Many know John & Joe for being stand up guys and have worked hard to grow the business. They helped the company grow to what it is today, and they doubled down on Heating & Cooling when they sold the Oil Division of our company to what is now US Ventures, and we bought their Heating & Cooling business to grow.

As of 2020, "The Good Guys" is now owned and operated by Andy & Dan Christensen (cousins). Andy has been working at C&W since he was a teenager, learning every aspect of the business from Installation, Service, and Sales. He is incredibly knowledable in products as well as troubleshooting and solving problems His mind is like a trap for Furnace and Air Conditioner information. Dan has been working at C&W since 2007 and handles the business administration along with marketing/design and all of our proprietary computers systems we have developed.

Customer Service

Our goal is to be incredibly easy to work with. We have been adding more and more conveniences which helps you and us stay efficient and keep prices lower. To our knowledge, we are the only residential HVAC contractor in the country that runs on their own software. We have the benefit that our owner is a programmer and has been using his spare time building out these systems. Our team is going to deliver an experience like you've never had before.

While we put a good amount of time and effort in our systems above, we will never eliminate our phone lines. You can call us any time and we are the same office you always remember. You can talk to staff that genuinely want to help and take care of your concerns.

Our Reputation

We are very fortunate to have incredibly upfront and ethical business practices. Our team gets our mission and will amaze you with their attitude and knowledge! We have won or got finalist in Best of the Valley every year since 2013. When service work is completed we ask our customers for reviews. With the thousands of reviews we collect from customers, we are in the top 1% of contractors.

If any problems occur, you can expect us to stand behind our products and services. We have turned even the most sour of situations into a lifetime customer by doing what's right. We know that doing what is fair and right will always pay off in the long run.

Our Sales Process

Have you ever been in a high pressure sales environment? If so, you'll never forget it... it's an awful feeling. We operate with a "no pressure promise". Our estimators' goal is to get measurements so they quote the job right. They'll give you options in writing and it is your choice if you want to go ahead. We do not do "buy before I leave and get X". Our prices should be good for a longer period of time, depending on our material costs. We want you to choose us because you want to.

Our service technicians are actually service technicians. They are not a glorified salesman, trying to force you to replace something unless it is really the best idea. They have the knowledge and training to work on equipment, and if they have questions we have a vast network of knowledge (hundreds of years) within the company. We do not structure our service team's pay around selling product, or any % commission. We do not put any sales quotas on them. We want them to be a good technician and a pleasure to our customers. If there is a product we believe is of an actual benefit we may bring it up. We're not going to dwell on it, we will just make you aware of it. Check our reviews, customers LOVE our techs! We are so proud of all our field technicians.

We have always believed that just making customers aware of our offerings is as far as we need to go. If someone is wanting something we are happy to help, and we back everything with a satisfaction guarantee. If you ever felt that you were pressured please contact us and let us know. These claims are taken very seriously.

Our Tune-Ups

Did you know that what is done on a tune-up varies greatly between companies? Never go on price alone. We feel a furnace tune-up should take ~40-60 minutes and a central A/C tune-up ~50-65 minutes. If you have a company to your home and they are done in 15-20 minutes you are not getting a good deal regardless the price. During our heating system tune-ups we also do a full combustion analysis which allows us to make sure everything is dialed in and where it should be. We always figure out what we should do first and the price it based on that. We don't use gotcha pricing, and you will be satisfied with the work done. We perform thousands of tune-ups per year, and have 99.7% satisfaction rate.

Our Employment

Our policies make for a business where employees do not get burned out and they have freedoms to make things right and take care of customers. If you're interested in learning more, check out our career page where we post openings and what it is like to work at the best Heating & Cooling company in town.

Our Office

A photo of our current office at 4450 W Greenville Drive Appleton, WI. Featuring our new logo for The Good Guys. We love our location. It's great for customers, as well as our technicians.

Our main office is located in Appleton, Wisconsin at 4450 W Greenville Drive. (Google Maps Link) located on the same frontage road as the Dick's Sporting Goods or Best Buy, by the Fox River Mall. Our office hours are 8AM to 4:30PM Monday through Friday (excluding major holidays). We feature a showroom with equipment that we sell, and in most cases we can search down a part for you (pending our workload). We stock a lot of those hard to find filters, so stop in for competitive prices on replacement furnace filters.

The name trusted by over 32,000 homeowners in the Fox Valley. A fifth generation family tradition, since the 1920s.

Award Winning Customer Service, Seal of Goodness Guarantee since 1966. No Pressure Promise! We do not utilize any high pressure tactics in our sales process, ever.

Address: 4450 W Greenville Drive. Appleton, WI 54913
Phone: (920) 734-1436 Fax: (920) 734-0929
Hours of Operation: 8:00a to 4:30p (Mon-Fri)

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