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AC Boosters / Hard Start Kits

Help protect the most important part of your Air Conditioner with a A/C Booster. A Booster gives the compressor a faster, cleaner start giving it less time for wear, prolonging the life of the compressor motor. A smart investment for all Central Air Conditioners.

Why should I get a Booster installed?

A Booster is not technically required for all installations. That being said, a booster installed can't hurt a compressor, it always helps! It allows it to start up faster and cleaner. It pulls high amps for a less period of time and doesn't produce as much heat. As time goes on and an Air Conditioner has 10-20 years under its belt, it not uncommon for a compressor to not start like it used to. General use over the years will begin to wear it down. If an Air Conditioner was not properly taken care of over the years, and it was running plugged up you can also shorten the life of your compressor (depending on how plugged, significantly).

If you want to keep your Air Conditioner running as smooth as possible, this is a great investment. If for some reason your Air Conditioner does fail, you can move these to the new Air Conditioner without any problem!

Which type of Booster should I go with?

We have two different types of boosters. We have a standard one that does a great job giving a kick at a lower installed price, and then we have one that is faster acting, and delivers a significantly stronger kick to start the compressor. You'll see on the image above the reaction time is quicker with the Super Boost, but in the scheme of things the reaction time is still fast for both. On the Booster it waits for a sensor to heat up from the power draw to trigger, and the other one sees the power and will immediately trigger without waiting for heat.

Remember, getting an A/C Booster is not required, but can be quite helpful to the life of your compressor. When a compressor fails we run into a few problems.

  1. Is the compressor under warranty? If not you're looking at a new unit, replacing a compressor out of warranty is a very bad idea from a money standpoint.
  2. If you do want to change the compressor out we have to find the time to do it. This isn't a fast process, and when it is hotter than heck outside it could be 1-3 weeks before we could get it done.
  3. Even if under a part warranty, odds are there is no labor warranty which means you are paying hundreds for us to replace and potential refrigerant.

This is why taking care of your Air Conditioner is so important and why we recommend tune-ups annually. We thoroughly wash the Air Conditioner out and check refrigerant levels to see if there are any leaks and that it's dialed in correctly.

Video about Hard Start Kits (A/C Boosters)

This video has a very quick summary that talks about the two types of Boosters available.

Disclaimer: We do not install the brand in the video, however they produce the same line of boosters.

When a compressor starts it is drawing a lot of power and generating a lot of heat. This puts a lot of wear on the compressor. The faster we can get the A/C to start up, the less wear is being put on the compressor. The less wear that the compressor gets, the longer the compressor should last. That is why we are encourage adding these on most systems.

Want to get one added?

A great time to get one added is with a Tune-Up on your Air Conditioner.

A/C Booster
 Great Help! 
Installed: $69
Super Boost
 Amazing Help! 
Installed: $195
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If you have any questions about these beyond what you see on this page, please reach out to us! Give us a call at 920-734-1436 or email [email protected]!

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