Garage Heaters

There are so many months of the year where we cannot fully utilize our garages because it's too cold. Solve that problem with a reliable, long-lasting heater that's ready to turn your garage into usable space all winter long.

There are many benefits to having a climate controlled garage, but the best part is on the coldest of cold days you can get into a car that is warm and comfortable.

With reznor units we install a low temperature thermostat (Pro1 771) designed to go down much lower than a standard thermostat. You can set your garage just above freezing, in the 40's or 50's if you would like to save big bucks on heating, but adjust up when needed. The control is up to you!

Reznor Heaters

We have been working with unit heaters for several decades. It is important to us that we find a brand we trust and has good warranties and has servicable parts that we can get from multiple suppliers if needed (so that you're taken care of). Reznor is the brand we arrived at. We have been putting them in for years now and we are more than satisfied with the product design and function.

Reznor UDX Spec Sheet  Reznor UDZ Spec Sheet

Installation & Costs

Installation can vary for each home. It will depend on the method we need to vent. We aim to side vent so that there are no leaking potential on the roof. Installation for the UDX series starts around $3,900 for a complete job (not counting the $300 instant rebate from our Super Sale). If there is more complex venting or a larger unit required the price will go up from there. A UDZ series is significantly more expensive as there is more complex venting and the unit itself costs more. In most applications a UDX series will work fine, but there are applications where we may be recommending the UDZ series.

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