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Privacy Policy & Practices

Last Updated 10/28/2022

Introduction: Christensen & Wisnet (D.B.A. The Good Guys Heating & Cooling) cares deeply about your privacy. We take multiple steps to help ensure the safety and privacy of our customers. This is accomplished by knowledgeable coding, need to know access structures, tamper alerts, canaries, within our systems.

Secure Connections

We have been utilizing a 100% secured website years before it was the expectation. All of our applications including public facing services like our website, scheduling systems, and online payment systems are secured with a certificate. Our databases are segmented and only specific purposes and accounts can access the data, no direct public access is allowed. Crucial files are locked down, and triple backed up.

We do regular outside testing on our network and systems to help test and further protect our information. We also have an Intrusion Detection System designed to block and alert us of suspicious activities, or use of known exploits against our servers.


For the purpose of marketing we will need to occasionally send your information to third parties for the purpose of sending out mail, or for the purpose of collection. These are companies we have built a business relationship with and are local. We trust them to handle this information as it is part of their business. The information given over is simple name, address. For emailing we handle that internally and use a trusted vendor MailerSend for making sure the messages are delivered. Our automated texts (for appointment reminders, and move-up alerts) are handled by Twilio.

Proprietary Solutions

To any developer, you know that commonly used frameworks (wordpress, joomla, drupal) and the like are subject to attacks non-stop because they are so abundant. Our website runs on our own CMS system built from the ground up. It is built on the bare level of PHP on speed, security, and simplicity. The same goes for all of our other proprietary solutions. While no system is guaranteed 100% secure, we have the benefit of our systems being developed by one of our owners who has been working in IT for 20+ years.

Not Storing Sensitive Data

For some reason companies like to hold onto information they honestly have no business needing. Outside of us having contact information and email for a customer, we do NOT store credit cards, period. We process through Authorize.NET (owned by VISA) and it is never saved in a database. By not holding onto sensitive data, we lower the risk to you if something were to ever happen.


Our data is regularly backed up in ways we would consider safe. The information is stored on site and off site, through multiple backup services.

Have Questions?

If you have any questions as to the privacy and how we handle information please contact us. You can email us at [email protected] or you can call us at (920) 734-1436 and ask for Dan.

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