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With the first real heat wave of the year here we (and all contractors) get bombarded with AC service call requests. Our team works very fast and efficiently, but the sheer amount of people asking over a short period can cause delays. We appreciate your patience and flexibility while we get to as many people as we can each and every day. A big thank you to our amazing Service Department that is hitting it out the park getting to everyone so quick!

Surge Protection

Power surges are the silent killer for home appliances and HVAC equipment. Most homeowners protect their electronics but leave more valued equipment unprotected. Surges can wipe out equipment and leave you searching for answers on what happened and why. They can also cause frustrating electrical "gremlins" that are causing trouble but are so hard to trace down. Furnace and air conditioner warranties will not cover damage done by surges, as those are considered acts of god.

What equipment should have surge protection?

While we do recommend all equipment have surge protection to protect your investment, there are certain pieces of equipment that have much higher cost electronics in them that are expensive to replace.

Are power surges that common?

For the longest time we really didn't run into too many power surge issues. That being said in the last couple years we have dealt with multiple surge issues. They are not all storm related. We have had two different occasions recently where a car hit a power pole and surged entire neighborhoods. Furnace boards out of warranty can be $700+ to replace, and blower motors can be $1600+ to replace an OEM blower.

While the odds are you will not have a surge, as our power grid starts to become more and more used as we move towards electrification of vehicles, and home heating, it increases chances of more problems.

How does this surge protector work?

Modern surge protectors utilize TPMOV technology. TPMOV stands for Thermally Protected Metal Oxide Varistor. Prior to this technology we had standard MOVs. Old technology, when a surge hit, the surge protector could blow apart into pieces or be charred badly which was not safe. TPMOV is considered a fail-safe device. When you get a surge, the varistor heats up and triggers all the voltage to go to ground until power returns to normal acceptable levels. TPMOVs activate quickly and can usually survivor more than a dozen medium surges. The technology is reliable at directing extreme power away and to the ground protecting your devices.

Get an HVAC Surge Protector Installed!

$195 / $349
While we are there (1-Unit / 2-Units)

$249 / $399*
While we are there (1-Unit / 2-Units)

$149 / $249*
With new Installation (1-Unit / 2-Units)

Depending on your equipment, it's a MUST! Talk to your techncian about if a Surge Protector is right for you.

* Discount is not valid with any other discount on surge protectors.

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