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With the first real heat wave of the year here we (and all contractors) get bombarded with AC service call requests. Our team works very fast and efficiently, but the sheer amount of people asking over a short period can cause delays. We appreciate your patience and flexibility while we get to as many people as we can each and every day. A big thank you to our amazing Service Department that is hitting it out the park getting to everyone so quick!

Premier One

Produced locally here in Wisconsin (Pulaski), the Premier One company has been producing air purifier systems for residential and commercial buildings since the 90's. They are known for the most powerful UV systems in the industry. Their UV treatment system with odor control is a two in one solution that is a great fit for every home. Not only will it use one of the most powerful lights to kill Germs and Viruses passing through your duct work, it will help remove odors from your home with an easily adjustable odor control included!

We back this product much like our other products with a 100% satsifaction guarantee. If you are not happy with the performance you are getting on the product in 30 days, we will take it out and give you your money back. We only sell products we believe in, and multiple technicians have dual band UV air treatment systems like this. You'll be impressed!

Two Versions, Which is Best?

The Premier One UV system is available in two options. There is the all-in-one box that we install on the return air duct work. Secondly, there is a Modular option that uses the exact same bulbs and control but allows you to adjust where you put them. Each home's heating and cooling system is unique. In most cases, the All-in-one option will work perfect, however some systems can benefit further from installing the large UV light right in the Air Conditioner coil so it stops any potential Mold/Mildew growth. Our technician is happy to recommend based on the age and configuration of your equipment. Not all A/C coils are stable to UV light, so we also take that into consideration.

Features & Facts:

Our homes are closed up tight in the winter!

We have encouraged air treatment systems in combination with a reasonable air filter as part of a perfect system. In our Wisconsin winters, our air in our homes are recycled and up to 100x worse than outdoors. While no unit is going to make things 100% better, we believe a 11-13 MERV filter with a UV system or Ionizing system is a great sensible step for a cleaner house.

Pricing & Availability

We recommend having this unit installed with a tune-up so there isn't any additional trip costs. The prices below are if we are already at your residence doing other work.

All-in-One: $899 Installed
Modular: $949 Installed
Replacement Bulb Set: $179 Over-Counter
(if bulbs are replaced on a tune-up or in combination with another visit, installation of the bulbs are free)

Unit comes with professional installation and a 30 day 100% satisfaction guarantee, and a lifetime electronics and device warranty (bulb is exempt). If you are not happy with the results we don't want you to keep it. We'd rather take a return and know you're happy than keep something you don't want.

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