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With the first real heat wave of the year here we (and all contractors) get bombarded with AC service call requests. Our team works very fast and efficiently, but the sheer amount of people asking over a short period can cause delays. We appreciate your patience and flexibility while we get to as many people as we can each and every day. A big thank you to our amazing Service Department that is hitting it out the park getting to everyone so quick!
The iWave-R is a bi-polar ionifier that will add both positive and negative ions to your house helping keep your house cleaner.

Powerful Ionification

The iWave-R from Nu-Calgon is a product we have carrying for years now. It is a straight-forward product in how it operates, and the benefits are quite amazing. We'll walk through what an ion generator can do for your home when it comes to particulates in the air and overall air quality, and why it may be a smart investment for you. As always with any of our products, feel free to give us a call at 920-734-1436 or email us at [email protected] and we would be happy to answer any questions.

Benefits of iWave-R

Video / Literature

This video does a great job explaining all the iWave-R's features and benefits!

Maintenance / Best Practices

There is no maintenance with this product. The device will clean itself for you. For best results though it is recommended you keep your blower running all the time. Older blowers do not have a slow circulate speed unlike modern ECM motors. Ask your technician (or we can check your records) if you have a high efficiency ECM motor with low-speed circulate.

Cost for Installation

$695 (while we are there)
$749 standard installation

The product has a 3 year warranty and is backed by The Good Guy satisfaction guarantee. We sell this product because it does work and we believe in it. If we install it and you are not happy or regret your decision, we will remove it in 30 days and give you your money back. Our owners have ionizers in their house along with many of our employees. We believe ionizers are a great safe way to help keep your

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