Financing Application Process

Welcome, let's get started with your financing application. First off we want to just cover a few things so you know what you will be doing with Greensky Financial.

Greensky will check your credit.

As part of the application Greensky will require you to supply a Social Security Number, as well as income, and other important information. The information they collect will be kept private. They will perform a hard credit inquiry to see what amount they can finance you up to, as well as risk which will determine the APR if you're looking for the "No Payment No Internet No Money Down" option. A hard inquiry should not affect your credit unless you have multiple in a short period of time, and after time they drop off and your credit will return.

Greensky will probably approve a higher amount than you asked for.

This can be very confusing to those applying on why they come back with more than you asked for. They do this because in the construction industry it's not uncommon for jobs to have unexpected surprises requiring more on the bill. We do not operate like this though. We cannot disable that feature, but there is nothing to worry about.

This is an approval for UP TO that amount. Once you are approved and the job is done, we will submit a payment request for the exact amount agreed upon. Upon payment we mark your line of credit closed and tell Greensky that "We're all done here, the extra is not needed" and it's all done.

You'll need to write down a few things before we start!

Please write down the following information:

Our merchant account number which you WILL be asked for right away is: 81081081

Next, make sure to write down the plan number of which one you're looking at doing. Be aware that if you attempt to get a Tier 1 plan and you do not have a qualifying piece of equipment we will have to change it to a Tier 2 option.

2521 12 Mo / No Interest No Payments*
2736 10 Year @ 6.99% APR*
2511 6 Mo / No Interest No Payments
2740 10 Year @ 9.99% APR

Green ones require the qualifying equipment in the order.

Now we can continue.

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