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Move-Up Express

Customer convenience is very important to us. In all our innovations over the past 15 years, Move-Up Express is a combination of our prior technologies we have implemented and put them into action.

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What does Move-Up Express do?

Move-Up Express is a system designed to get customers who have flexible schedules to get their tune-ups done sooner. In our scheduling software we can tell our system to find us a move up. Move-Up Express will reference the coordinates of all customers on the wait list as well as where the technician is, and start to reach out to customers one at a time. Each customer gets around 5 minutes to confirm without others being able to 'steal' it. After 5 minutes passes, we will reach out to the next person. All prior customers contacted can still try to reserve the time, but we need the current 5 minute clock to finish before locking it in. We have to be fair, everyone deserves some guaranteed time to take it.

Upon confirmation, our system will confirm with you and automatically move it up in our system. This allows us to move up more appointments than before, even last minute move-ups. Customers can choose if they want move-ups to be a day or further out or they are flexible for same day move-ups (for example: if they work from home). This is an opt-in feature for customers who book tune-ups with us.

How can I be on this?

When scheduling your tune-up online you will be given an option to be on the list after picking a date for the appointment. If you choose to be on it, we will email and text (applicable numbers that support texting) of any move-ups. If you find out the move-up list isn't for you, you can also opt out of the move-up express program from the messages.

Good Guys Technology

We are the only residential contractor that built the software that runs us day to day. All software is designed in house by one of our owners. We found that so many of the products out there were built by engineers thinking they know how our industry works. We build our software specifically to how we need it to work. While it took time, we used spare time over years and kept making our software better and better. Because we own all the rights to the product we aren't caught in a subscription trap (of tens of thousands a year for competing products), we have direct on-site support, and the software is insanely reliable and fast.

Everything we do comes down to it making the customer's experience better. We were the first in the area to offer self-service online scheduling of estimates, tune-ups, and service calls. We also have live call tracking, a comprehensive help center (to try to save our customers money whenever possible) as well as online account access. We're not stopping here, more to come!

The name trusted by over 32,000 homeowners in the Fox Valley. A fifth generation family tradition, since the 1920s.

Award Winning Customer Service, Seal of Goodness Guarantee since 1966. No Pressure Promise! We do not utilize any high pressure tactics in our sales process, ever.

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