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The Good Guys at Christensen & Wisnet (Oil Company) has been servicing and installing Oil Equipment since 1966!

Oil Furnaces & Boilers

Many know how great oil heat can be in our cold winters. It burns hotter and really heats up homes fast. We have been taking care of Oil Furnaces since the day we opened our doors in 1966. Many who grew up in the Fox Valley will remember us as "Christensen & Wisnet Oil Company" where we delivered home heating oil too up into the 90s. That's us still, just a different name.

All of our staff is trained to work on, service, and install oil equipment. We're happy to have you! When many other companies backed away from servicing oil, we embrace it.

Schedule a Tune-Up: Keep your oil equipment working in peak condition. Tune-Up annually!
Get me a technician: Something is going on with my oil furnace or boiler I need to set up a visit!
I want to upgrade: I want to set up a free no pressure estimate to get pricing on new equipment.

New to Oil Equipment? What's Different?

If you happen to have bought a house that has an oil furnace or boiler in it, and you never had oil equipment before here is a quick run down of what is different.

Do NOT skip on annual maintenance.

We are strong believers that all heating and cooling equipment should be looked at annually. It isn't just us, it is nearly every manufacturer too. Gas equipment is a bit more leniant because it is a gas and bad combustion doesn't leave mounds of soot. Oil, being a liquid, needs more attention, and when there are ignition or combustion issues it can snowball and become a several hour job for us to chip away the mounds of soot, which is going to cost you (labor hours). Get on an annual plan to get your oil equipment tuned up and you're going to have years of happy reliable heating ahead!

Troubleshooting and the "Reset Button"

On most burners there is a red button that can be pressed to restart the burner and to try again to ignite (if there was a problem). It is very important to remember, NEVER PRESS THE RESET BUTTON MORE THAN ONCE. Every time that you press it and it doesn't ignite it is putting more oil into the chamber. While furnaces are tough and can handle a little more, some homeowners pressed it several times and it sets up for a very dangerous start up. If you happened to press the button more than once PLEASE let us know, so we can adjust our approach to starting the equipment.

Replacement Options?

We are happy to do whatever you would like to do when it comes to replacement. There are quite a few that love Oil heat so much they want us to install a new Oil Furnace and we're glad to do it! There is also the option to switch to a High Efficiency Gas Furnace. If you do not have natural gas service available at your address, you can get purchase LP from a local co-op or oil company. We're happy to get you pricing on whatever options you're curious in. It is your house and your choice.

Prices on Replacement?

We do not have a page for oil furnace pricing only because we reach out to suppliers on an as-needed basis for current pricing. If you're curious of the pricing without a visit we can still get you a relatively close ball-parked price. Feel free to reach out to us with any questions you have!


The name trusted by over 32,000 homeowners in the Fox Valley. A fifth generation family tradition, since the 1920s.

Award Winning Customer Service, Seal of Goodness Guarantee since 1966. No Pressure Promise! We do not utilize any high pressure tactics in our sales process, ever.

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