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Frequently Asked Questions

As Mini-Split is quite a bit different from Central Air Conditioning and other ducted solutions, there is a lot of questions that come up. We did our best to answer as many of them as possible on this page.

How many indoor units can I attach to one outdoor unit?

This varies based off of the model you have chosen. Typically configurations we install do not allow for more than 3-4 indoor units attached to one outdoor unit. They do, however, produce lines for more commercial environment that allows much more.

How loud are these mini splits?

These mini split systems are inverter driven, which means they run only at the capacity they need to. They are so much quieter than a central air conditioner you really have to hear to it believe it. The compressor instead of being on or off is true variable speed, as well as the fan on the outdoor unit (and indoor unit). This is how they operate at efficiencies that blow standard air conditioners out of the water.

What type of efficiencies should I expect?

Midea produces models at all different SEER (efficiency) ratings. A typical central air conditioner has a 13-16 SEER rating. A window air conditioner is roughly 10-13 SEER. Midea Mini-Split models will vary usually between 18- 42 SEER. Midea consumes up to 55% less energy than traditional air conditioners.

Are there restrictions to how indoor units need to be installed?

There are a few things to keep in mind when thinking through where the best location for the indoor air handlers go. We need to run refrigerant lines from the outdoor to the indoor unit, as well as power. The indoor wall mounted air handlers need to be up in the air near the ceiling with a bit of clearance. It is also recommended to keep them on the outside walls of the home so the lines can be ran better. We utilize line hide on the outside which looks like rain gutters (available in different colors). Indoor units also produce condensation which means we need to have a draining method. They do have pumps that can move it, but if possible we like to avoid those where possible.

How big are the indoor units?

The height is roughly about a foot tall, with the width of the units varying depending on the amount of cooling output. It's recommended to stop into our showroom to see what one looks like as we have two models in the showroom, both functional so you can see and hear it operate too!

Isn't Midea the creators of the cheap window units?

Midea is a juggernaut when it comes to HVAC. Midea has 100,000 employees, and 21 production facilties (with 260 logistic centers). They produce a lot of equipment. Midea ductless is a joint venture with Carrier Corp. and their designs are time tested and installed under several names. You can trust Midea ductless equipment for the long haul.

Didn't you used to sell Mitsubishi?

We still sell and work on Mitsubishi. Due the increased demand on mini-splits the last few years, we have had more estimates than ever. Problem is, Mitsubishi had several logistical issues that had us waiting for orders for months, including for parts, and that left our customers waiting for new equipment, or waiting without cooling because of a part on back order. We spent weeks finding a product we can trust and tie our name with. Midea is a great product, as is Mitsubishi... but we cannot sell what we can't get.

Have a question not mentioned here?

We are happy to answer them for you. Send us a message at [email protected] or give us a call at 920-734-1436.

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