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This form is for regular business hours. If you need service on weekends, holidays, or after hours please call 920-734-1436.

What's going on with your equipment?

Please select the problem that best matches what you're encountering. The more information you supply us the more helpful it is to our technicians to solve your problem quicker.

We do not like to turn down work, as we want to help out everyone we can in the valley. We have this policy due to multiple issues in the past dealing with these companies. From our experience, we feel that home warranties are not a good value for the consumer, and they typically will complicate the process, or pay for repairs when it should be replaced (against the customer's best interest and safety).

Here are some things we have ran into in working with Home Warranty companies:

  1. We would go to a home and find a repair is needed. We could not reach a human and get an authorization and the customer went without working equipment. Approvals can take hours, and couldn't afford all the down time waiting that was unpaid.
  2. They are not willing to pay the proper market rates for the work being done. They have even offered to pay us less than the actual part cost for the repair.
  3. One company would not stop calling us, calling well over 25 times after being told politely every time to take us off their list (they were so deparate to find a contractor that would work with them). We had to get the FTC involved.

If you want to have us out to fix and make repairs and pay us directly, and then you fight for payment back, we can do that (as long as they are not going to make us fill out forms and go through all the extra steps they invented).

Contact Information

Please supply us with contact information. If you have a different billing address than work address, please supply the billing address in the box below and let us know of the location where the work is to be done in the additional details below.

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Service Call Flexibility

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If there is any other information that is important like a different work address or other backup numbers to call please let us know above.

We're pretty dang fast. We have a fully dedicated service team of trained Good Guys ready to help.

We always do our best to work around schedules the best we can. Usually we can, but during extreme weather (when we are VERY busy) it can be 1-2 days further if you have a small time window. Your flexibility is always appreciated!

This may take a few seconds while it puts your information into our computer system and contacts our office.

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