Adding Central A/C

When it comes to adding Air Conditioner to your existing Furnace there are important items to keep in mind in regards to what efficiencies, operation, and sizing. This page will cover an overview of what to look for and a recommended process in getting Air Conditioning added into your home.

Step 1: Considerations

There are several different efficiencies and sizes of Air Conditioners. Based off of how you utilize your Air Conditioner & Home during the summer is going to reflect on what type of AC you should purchase.

Ask Yourself Consider
Where are safe areas where the outdoor condenser can be set? The Air Conditioner has an inside coil and an outside condenser. We need to run copper lines and communication lines between the furnace and the outdoor unit. We will be able to give our expertise on an estimate, some sides of the house are preferred.
Is there electrical service to where the Air Conditioner is going outside? We can wire up electrical service for you, or if you have a preferred electrician you can have them perform it too, just be sure to ask your estimator for correct breaker size. We do a majority of the hook-ups because our electrician is on-staff and works very efficiently, saving you time (and therefore money)
How important is noise level of your Air Conditioner to you? Entry level Air Conditioners (while perfectly fine) are typically louder than the mid-tier models. They cut corners for sound dampening and sometimes alternative compressor styles that will cause a louder operation noise. Some even use a different type of compressor in base models. If noise is very important do not get a base model from any manufacturer.
When comparing like equipment, if a company offers a lifetime unit replacement warranty, is that important to you? Amana Air Conditioners are famous for their Lifetime Unit Replacement Warranty on their Air Conditioners and Furnaces. On mid-tier and higher if your Compressor fails and you are the original purchaser of the equipment you will receive a replacement Air Conditioner, not just a compressor.
Is Humidity a problem in your home during the summer?

Ask about two stage Air Conditioners. The first stage allows for great dehumidification of your home. They are not for everyone but those who have it love it. We also carry Aprilaire Whole-Home Dehumidifiers that replace ineffective portable models.

Step 2: Our Line-up

When it comes to Central Air Conditioners that we sell, they are listed on our website. We include a quick summary under the photos as well as a starting price for your convenience. Because you're adding Air Conditioning from where this is none currently there will be a few hundred on top for doing electrical work. You can choose to have your own electrician do that or we can using our on-staff electrician.


Air Conditioners are rated by "SEER" (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating). The higher the SEER the less energy required to operate. Here in Wisconsin we typically install between 13 to 16 SEER rating as we do not rely on them all year long. Down in the south, they will invest in 16-21+ SEER ratings.


A majority of Air Conditioners we install today are single stage. They will cool down your house and make you comfortable. Homes can benefit from a two stage Air Conditioner, but unless you have humidity problems or you do not run your Air Conditioner much, two stage systems are not for you.


No matter who you talk to you're going to get different opinions. The truth is a majority of problems with any equipment is not the manufacturer... It's the install. Product is still a part of it, but you can spend great money on a product and if it's installed poorly you just wasted the money. Find a company you trust to take care of you and that will stand behind what they sell. As we are a service oriented business that wants to take care of the products we sell after the fact. We do our best to promote and install equipment we feel is great quality for you.


While it is important to get a great value for your installation, be wary of oddly low prices. Check into your contractor, look at reviews and check with friends and family to see who they use.

Step 3: Get a Quote

You can use our online estimate scheduler or give us a ring to arrange an estimator to stop at your home to give you a quote. They will be able to take measurements to be sure the Air Conditioner they are quoting is going to be the one to keep you the most comfortable.

Our goal of an estimate is not to force anything on you. We want to let you know what we offer that will work for your situation. The estimator will supply you with a quote that is in writing (always get things in writing!) and you can have that as a reference. Our estimators all have background in HVAC Service and Installation. They understand equipment operation and are happy to go through any questions you may have.

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