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FAQ's: Tune-Ups & Service Calls

If your question has not been asked and answered below please ask us (920) 734-1436 or email us at [email protected]

What is done on your tune-ups?

We have a list of what is done on our tune-ups, on this page. The list on that page is very detailed and should be of help. Keep in mind if you're comparing prices with companies all tune-ups are not created equal. Our tune-ups take a while as we have a more thorough process than most companies in the area. It's best to set aside 90 minutes for a furnace or ac tune-up, or 120 minutes for a combo tune-up.

How long do tune-ups take?

Tune-Ups will vary in how long they take. Gas Furnaces/Boilers can take around 45-60 minutes, Oil Furnaces/Boilers around 60-90 minutes, Air Conditioners around 40-60 minutes. Water Heater & Aprilaire Tune-Ups take about 10-20 minutes.

Do I have to be home for tune-ups?

We recommend if you can be home we appreciate being able to go over things person to person, but we have several people who trust us into their homes on a yearly basis. If you are not going to be there for the appointment we would like direction on how to enter and exit the home (ex: enter using front door, lock when done).

Do you have set times for service calls?

Unlike tune-ups being set for times, service calls are not unless scheduled in advance. Service calls are fit into our existing schedule for the day and we dispatch them when we have time throughout the day. Dispatching is very complicated when we are busy and we do our absolute best to get there quickly, but part of that is we need your flexibility. If you require more than 30 minutes lead time or are not available until later in the day that is going to make it very hard for us to arrange your call, and you may have to utilize our after hours service. We will do our best to accomodate the best we can.

Do you match coupons?

We do not match coupons because every single company out there has a different list of what they do on tune-ups (and for that, different prices). Our tune-ups are indepth and we truly feel our pricing is competitive for what you get (We perform over 3,000 tune-ups per year). There is no standardization for tune-ups, so find a company you trust to have the work done. We recommend reaching out to friends and family to see who they use and if they trust them or how they liked their tune-up services.

What is the cost to get a technician to the home?

Our service call rates are located on this page. We have three different prices, regular hour rate, afterhours and weekend rate, and holiday rate. Tune-Ups do not have a service call charge (it has it actually built into the price of the tune-up), however those are for situations where there isn't problems with your equipment and is scheduled out days/weeks in advance.

Do you offer free estimates?

We do not offer free estimates for repairs. We DO offer free estimates for replacement or upgrades on Furnaces, Air Conditioners, Boilers or adding duct work running gas lines. We use flat rate pricing, so we can tell you the cost of the repair before the work is started. We can do our best to help give you a rough estimate if you call us at (920) 734-1436 or email us at [email protected] let us know what the model and serial is of your equipment and what you are running into and we can try to diagnose it the best we can on the phone (or email).

What months do you schedule A/C tune-ups?

This will vary a bit depending on the weather. When it comes to AC Tune-Ups we aim for it to be warmer out so we can take accurate refrigerant readings. We can get readable results if it's over 50, however the warmer the better. When we hit our peak season for scheduling Furnace tune-ups we start to fill up quickly. Once we hit halloween for scheduling (or thereabout) we usually stop scheduling AC Tune-Ups for the year. We will continue offering AC tune-ups around mid-May next year as temperatures start to rise again.

Do you do work for Home Warranty programs?

While the concept of a home warranty is nice, getting money and quality service from them can be quite difficult. We have tried to help customers in the past with home warranties and it ends with everyone upset except the home warranty company. They do not want to pay (or play) fairly from our experiences. Most contractors have caught on to how they operate and no longer work with them either ... we are no exception. The only way we will do home warranty work if you have an agreement that they will reimburse you after you pay us and that we do not have to deal with them on any level.

Why do you limit the amount of combo tune-ups?

This is a great question, and the truth comes down to such a limited time to work on air conditioners. From May through October our company (and others) are very busy with air conditioner service/install work. We can do furnace maintenance literally any time of the year, and there are parts of the year where we could get to someone the same week for a tune-up versus the 45-75 days out we can be during the summer and fall. By limiting the amount of furnaces we work on in the summer time, we can focus on getting to our air conditioners and not be as far out for appointments.

Another important part that we do not think about is that we need to test run your furnace for 10-15 minutes on high fire while we draw readings and calibrate everything. During the summer that is going to increase the temperature in your house.

If you would like to move your furnace to our off-peak times (Jan-Apr), contact us and ask about special pricing for doing so.

Do you have time windows set or specific times for tune-ups and service calls?

For tune-ups we typically set a time and lock it in, like an 8AM should be right at 8AM. Sometimes though if you are flexible our technicians may call early just to ask if you are available sooner. We intentionally allocate more time than needed to make sure we can handle unexpected things that can happen while on the job. If a technician's day is running smooth he will be running ahead.

Service calls are a different breed. Unless a service call is arranged to be at a specific time, we work them as we can throughout the day. We have a digital board to show us all pending work. Our dispatcher plans out and gives the calls to the technicians and then sends it when they are ready to go. When our technician is sent the call they will be calling you through a special system that shows our office number.

A tech called me from 920-734-1436? When I call back I get office staff.

In 2019 we started using our special masked dialer that routes our technician's calls through our main office number. This is due to our techs getting calls from customers outside of business hours asking questions, or calling them to set up appointments which they cannot do. This way they call you from our office number that you can call back and still be connected or directed to someone (plus our main number is registered as our company so more people pick up calls from us). It also ultimately allows everyone to focus on what they're good at. The office staff can help you, and the technician can focus on troubleshooting and cleaning / repairing.

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