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Guide - Moving from Oil to Gas

This guide is offered to help you make the best decisions and to think about aspects of the purchase you may have not thought about prior. If you have any questions on this guide or wish to speak to us call us at (920) 734-1436 or email us at [email protected]


Welcome! This guide talks through some of the steps when looking of switching from Oil to Natural Gas or LP Furnaces. While Oil offers an amazing warm heat, there are benefits that some customers prefer in switching to Natural Gas (if available at the address) or Liquid Propane if Natural Gas is not available. The Good Guys fully service and care for Oil Furnaces and Boilers and we know how many customers love what they have. If you're looking at upgrading equipment, you still can choose a new oil furnace or boiler.

Benefits of having gas over oil would be the overall cleanliness of the equipment, the potential to go with higher efficient equipment, and to use the same supply to power your furnace, water heater, grill, fireplaces, or range.

What to do first?

This is up to you as a consumer, but we personally recommend having an estimator in there first. We can assist you contacting your utility company if you do not have Natural Gas, or you need to contact an LP supplier if you wish to have a gas service installed. When a contractor calls WE Energies versus an end-user this can result is typically quicker turn-around, as they know you are more serious about moving forward. If you're looking for an LP supplier recommendation our team can also recommend based on your location. There are quite a few great LP suppliers in this area.

Removing Oil Tank

It's recommended that we remove the oil tank at the time of installation. If you go to sell your home you usually cannot leave an abandoned tank. Typically it's more expensive to come back at a later date to remove the tank, so plan to getting that removed at time of install if your budget allows.

Frost Charge with Natural Gas

If you're looking at getting Natural Gas installed, and it is during the winter, you will want to wait (if you can) for when the ground thaws. During the winter if they have to trench lines to your home you will be paying a premium due to the frost. In most cases if a new gas line is connected there will be no upfront charge unless the distance from the main gas line to your meter is long.

If you are looking at adding a gas furnace in the future, it may be wise to have the gas installed now, so it will be ready when you are.

Recommended Guide

If you're looking at a guide of what Gas Furnace to look for, read our Gas Furnace purchase guide.

There is a Difference

Moving from an Oil Furnace to a Gas Furnace does take a little getting used to. The supply air will not be as warm as you were used to, as Gas Furnaces run at a lower supply temperature than oil.

Tune-Ups cost less, and if you're on Natural Gas you won't have to worry about keeping your tank full or running out of oil in the middle of the night.


You want to be proactive in doing the conversion from Oil to Gas, the gas company is typically scheduling out weeks in advance for connecting up new customers. Your contractor should be able to help you in getting the ball rolling, if not we are glad to help!

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