We are proud to save a few hundred service calls every year by helping customers over the phone and have extended some of our resources to our website. If you are noticing a problem with your Heating System, Cooling System, or Indoor Air Quality product please check below for common issues to learn more about them. Not every issue is addressable without a technician's visit, but this site will help you know a little bit more about what it could be and what you can do to help prepare for a technician or what you can do to fix the issue.

Common Checklist
  • Did you check and replace batteries in your thermostat?
    • Batteries can be low enough that the display works but switches to turn systems on and off will not work.
    • Low Battery indicators do not always display when they should.
    • Not all thermostats have batteries, some are hard wired.
  • Did you check your Air Filter? If dirty it can restrict air triggering safety cut-outs.
    • Set routine furnace replacement reminders for yourself. Plugged filters shorten the life of parts costing you down the road.
    • If it's during A/C season check A/C section below for more details.
  • Is the Switch by the Furnace on? Most are wired with a light switch near it. Check breaker too!
Furnace Checklist
  • Check your Air Filter, if dirty replace.
  • Check that the switch by the furnace is on and breaker is on.
  • Check in door to see if there is a code flashing (if standard on or flashing slowly it's fine)
  • Check drains, restricted and backed up drains can stop a furnace.
  • Check batteries (if applicable) in thermostat and replace and verify correct direction of batteries.
Air Conditioner Checklist
  • Check your Air Filter, if dirty and you see condensation on duct work or ice on copper lines -- turn A/C off, and fan on. Wait a few hours for ice to melt.
  • Check that the breaker to the outdoor unit as well as the furnace is on.
  • Check outside to see if the disconnect is on.
  • If you see ice anywhere (or a lot of sweating on duct work), shut it off right away (let us know you saw ice or condensation on duct work!)
  • Check batteries (if applicable) in thermostat and replace and verify correct direction of batteries.
  • If you see water on the floor, it is most likely due to drain lines backed up.
    • Remove hose from furnace and air conditioner (above furnace) and blow through it.
    • If water flows through drains fine it may be the condensate pan blocked. You can take a pipe cleaner into where the drain goes above the furnace, you can also remove that fitting and take a pencil and agitate the dust and build up inside to clear blockage.
Humidifier Checklist
  • Is the drain line cleared out? Try disconnecting and blowing through it.
    • Every so many years it's recommended to replace the drain lines.
  • Is the yellow "replace water panel" blinking and won't reset after you change it?
    • You have to manually reset it by turning the dial all the way up past 7 into test mode. Green light will come on and then blink after 5 seconds, then put it back. It will be reset.
  • Is the light on and water is not flowing through?
    • Could be the in-line water filter or orfice, could also be saddle-valve.
UVPhotoMAX Info
  • Did you know that the unit will chirp yearly for bulb replacement, however the bulb will be effective for two years.
    • If it is chirping and it has only been one year, you can reset it using the recessed reset button.
    • The chirping does not affect the operation, it's just a timer.
  • There are two versions, a white painted one and a stainless steel one.
    • White has 10 Year Warranty, Stainless Steel has Lifetime Warranty (Bulbs Excluded!)

Gas Furnace

My furnace is running very loudly but is still heating.

My furnace tries to start but the flame only stays on for a few seconds.

My furnace tries to start but all I hear is the exhaust blower try, and it keeps restarting.

My furnace blower will not shut off.

My furnace has water all over the floor.

Oil Furnace

I ran out of oil, got refilled and now the furnace will not start.

Air Conditioner

My A/C is not blowing cold air.

My A/C is buzzing very loudly outside.

My A/C is not working I hear a quiet hum on outside condenser.

My A/C not cooling, a lot of condensation on ducts by furnace.

The copper lines from A/C to furnace are icing up.


Humidifier "On" but no water flow.

Change Water Pad light on but I changed pad.

The Drain line is very dirty.


The "change UV light" is blinking and chirping.

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