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We are proud to save a few hundred service calls every year by helping customers over the phone and have extended some of our resources to our website. If you are noticing a problem with your Heating System, Cooling System, or Indoor Air Quality product please check below for common issues to learn more about them. Not every issue is addressable without a technician's visit, but this site will help you know a little bit more about what it could be and what you can do to help prepare for a technician or what you can do to fix the issue.

Gas Furnace: Are you having issues with your gas furnace? Check this list.
Air Conditioner: Troubleshoot an Air Conditioner having some problems. Check the list.
Humidifiers: Is your humidifier not working properly? Give these things a try.

Miscellaneous Troubleshooting

Oil Furnace: I ran out of oil. Got it refilled but it won't start.

Running out of oil is a bad thing to happen, especially on older oil tanks. When you let it run out and fill it up all the sludge in the bottom of the tank gets mixed up into the oil, and can gunk up the line coming in to the furnace. The furnace will need a lot of bleeding in order to clear up the drain line. It's also a good idea at this point to clean the oil filter once it's bled out. It can take several attempts of bleeding out before the system will start back up. It's recommended to be on a keep-fill program or switch to something more forgiving like Liquid Propane or Natural Gas equipment (if available at your residence).

UVPhotoMAX: The change UV light is blinking and chirping.

Hello The UV reminder is a timer that will go off after about a year of operation to encourage replacement. The bulbs are good for two years per Ultravation (the manufacturer). You can reset the timer to start over by using a non-conductive item like a pen, and on the bottom side of the unit where the power goes in, you'll see a recessed reset button. Push in there for 5-10 seconds until the alarm resets. If this doesn't reset it, please give us a call and talk to our service manager. Let us know if you have the white and yellow model or the stainless and blue model. It's not recommended to keep the bulb in for past two years as the efficiency is too low. You can stop into our showroom to buy a replacement bulb.

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